Qui is a French word that means who, that, and which is used in the sentences according to the context, and poker is a kind of card game usually played to get money. Poker is a kind of bet game in which one player’s bets that the value of cards they are holding at the moment is greater than the player opposite to them, and the player who got the highest value at the end of the betting wins the game. Kiu Poker or qui qui poker is related to the pai gow game and is mostly played in Asian countries. If you are playing it on an android device, it surely may be referred to as 99 domino poker.

How qui qui poker is played?

The game of qui qui poker isn’tisn’t that difficult to understand, but once you get hold of it, you would enjoy it, and the game could be played using the double six domino set, which is one of the most popular domino set. The game starts with players paying an equal sum of money which is being referred to as ante before the game, and then they deal with the three domino cards. Each player evaluates the cards, and a bet is placed based on

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– Bet is placed if someone hasn’t placed the bet yet.

– Call is placed when someone has already placed the bet. One can simply ”call” by using the keyword call, and it is an action when one wants to match the bet or the hike.

– Raise and fold is done when someone wants to hike the already highest bet in the game, and fold refers to the dropout.

As the game suggests. The one with the highest bets takes all the antes placed in the pot. The one who puts the bet can take the money if someone else had not placed the bet in the first round; otherwise, the game of qui qui poker continues till the third round.

That player who had not to fold their cards had to reveal their cards, and the hands were raised, not in a literal manner. Cards are formulated in the pairs where the unit digit is considered, and the highest digit for definitely is 9 or referred to as Kiu or qui. Comparison of pairs starts with the highest pairing, then consideration of the second pair.One can use either mathematical tactic or bluff to determine when to place a bet or when to fold, and the player who bids the highest takes all the money kept in the pot.

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